Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hello!  I know it has been a apologies!  Well...last week we visited Riley (again) to talk with the Neurology department.  We still have no diagnosis.  What results we do have back from the spinal tap and blood draws have came back negative...but we are still waiting on a few tests!  What we do know is that Nicolas has infantile spasms which are a form of seizures.  He will outgrow them sometime between now and three years of age.  There is limited treatment options for these and they rarely work.  Once he outgrows infantile spasms a new form of seizures will take the place of that point we will need to do another EEG to determine what kind and then more medications will be available with a higher success rate.  Right now he is currently taking Topamax for the spasms.  In 14 days we will know if it is working or not.   Once we get the brain to stop seizing Nicolas will have more opportunities to develop...However through our three therapy sessions a week we have already began to see progress.  It has been fun to watch!  We have appointments scheduled at Riley once a month through December.  I'll keep you informed once we return from each visit!

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers!