Saturday, May 1, 2010

Priceless Artwork!

Created by my talented Aunt Leila who has only met him once! Thank you for capturing the sweetness of his smile and the innocence of his eyes....We love it...It's absolutely breathtaking! We will cherish it forever!
Love Always,

Riley Visit...

(Snuggling at home)

In April we went to Riley for a couple different visits and all went well...Nicolas got his teeth cleaned for the first time and he really wasn't a fan of it! Poor thing... But other than that Dr.s were saying he looked good. There is possibly a new genetic test that will be available for Nicolas to take in a few we will wait for that...but no other tests are out there now that include his symptoms. Our pulmonologist scheduled another sleep study to see how well he is breathing since his pneumonia in February. That will take place this Tuesday. I'll let you know about the results soon!

Thanks for being patient with my blog! I'm sorry it has been two months! Crazy! We're doing good and still need your prayers!
Much Love,


I have been making cakes lately so I thought I'd share them with you!
There are a few birthday basketball theme cakes that I forgot to take pictures of nephews loved them! I'm also missing a baby shower cake too...and it was cute! O well... Cakes have certainly kept me busy!

(For my friend Terry's wedding)

(For Nicolas, Emili and Tommy's family birthday party)

The last are my favorites! Garrett had an art fair at his school where all the proceeds went to Riley Children's Hospital. They had a bake sale and asked for donations and this was our contribution. Garrett donated an art project in honor of Nicolas to be purchased also. My mom and I took Garrett that night and we all had a great time!
It was a mummy...and Garrett was very proud of it!
Mema and I liked it so much we got into a bidding war over Garrett's art piece!
There were 4 cakes in all...the theme was Around the World so I made Mexican Chocolate cake Riley Wagons...completely edible.
Garrett decorated this cookie at the festival! Pretty talented if you ask me!
Blogging this makes me hungry for cake! :)