Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29 Nicolas Makes Improvements

Dear Family & Friends,

As it turns out Nicolas had a form of influenza last week...he is getting better...He still has some congestion, runny nose, and tiny bit of a cough...BUT his color looks great, strength is coming back, and weight is back up!

We just met with the geneticist tonight and we are still waiting for several tests to return...She is still uncertain as to what may be causing the spasms...The Neurologist is also unclear...but they are not seizures...3 EEG's has proved that...

SO we will continue to be patient and enjoy the "no news is good news" policy at this point...

Jake and I want to thank you AGAIN (because we can't thank you enough) but your thoughts and prayers are extremely appreciated...and your willingness to help in any way is amazing! Thank you! We can't wait to able to spend more time with you!