Monday, December 27, 2010


Pronounced FRA-Gee-lay...must be French (A Christmas Story)...anyways...

Late last night while feeding Sophie I was watching Nico and thinking of my three children and how fragile each one is and how fragile they make me feel. I am in awe and wonderment every time I look at them...How could something so precious be created let alone how did I deserve these beautiful blessings... All I do know is God is good...God is gracious...God is incredibly giving...And I am eternally grateful! Everything I need He has provided...

Enjoy your loved ones as I do mine!
Hug them...Kiss them...every chance you get!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Beautiful Daughter & Family

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nico is a big brother!

This morning at 7:29 AM ET, our baby Nico became big boy-big brother Nico. He, along with the rest of us, are ecstatic to welcome Sophia Genevieve (Sophie G for short) to our family. Baby and mama are doing great. Sophie is 6 lbs, 4 ozs and 21 1/2 " and came out crying and hungry immediately but once fed, contently snuggled right up with mommy. She is simply wonderful. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Our gratitude goes out to our loved one's for their untiring support and most of all, to the grace of God! The truest of a Merry Christmas.

Jake and Felisa

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nico Will Be A Big Brother Soon! will be coming sooner than we thought...
Kidney bean is still breech so we have scheduled a C-section for Monday, December 20th! We have arranged nursing care and grandmas for Nicolas...and Garrett will be with his dad in between visits at the hospital. On Wednesday they plan to take my gallbladder out as we have a lot going on during our stay. We are asking for no visitors during the first 24 hours...we are not really sure what to we would like to have that time to assess the baby...make sure it is feeding ok...and make decisions based on what we know...also (I'm sure this goes without saying) it is cold and flu season...if you are having any symptoms please wait to visit us when you are feeling better...Nicolas just recovered from pneumonia and the flu has made its way through our home...Jake is dealing with the flu as I we are trying to avoid illness as best we can...

I have been getting our laundry caught up and straighten the house up this weekend...I also wrapped Christmas presents...and now Nico and I are snuggling on the couch while I type...I've put him to bed every night this week because starting Monday I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than the new baby...So Nico and I are going to have to get creative with our snuggle time...

I'm a little nervous...mostly because I've never had a c-section...but I've talked a few women who have and did some reading so I know everything should be fine and go smoothly...It is hard to believe that the time is here...the baby should weigh close to 6 it will be tiny and adorable...I'm sure!

Please pray for our health and recovery!
The c-section is scheduled for 11 a.m.
I will make sure we post some pictures some time that day...
Much Love,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's finally here...

Life has been busy with school, moving, and being pregnant and tired...and with the holidays coming up life doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon...certainly once the baby arrives we will slow down...

But here is a little bit of news...Nicolas got his wheelchair!!!! We started this frustrating process in June of 2009! Nicolas was outgrowing his stroller and his spine was really in need of support...we are seeing twists and turns on x-rays that should be the arrival brought great excitement and relief...

There was some unexpected emotion know...I know Nicolas will not walk and needed to be in a wheelchair...but while he remained in his stroller I think reality hadn't quite sunk in completely...He looks so big sitting in his chair and I still call him my baby...and it is incredible to see him sitting up...but when I finished my thoughts with ...he is in a baby is in a wheelchair... well...tears filled my eyes... and I guess its hard to explain how I didn't see that coming but it snuck right up on me... I quickly reminded myself how long we waited and how necessary the wheelchair is for Nico and that this is a good thing...perspective changes everything and if I can teach Garrett anything it is that focusing on the positive is not only healthier but necessary for life and our faith in God. We are thankful for Nico's wheelchair but most importantly we are thankful for the life God has provided for us with Nico!

We moved Halloween weekend...we are mostly settled in with only a few more boxes here or there...and we do have to unpack the garage still...we are enjoying the new house and the ease it has brought us...The day Nico got his wheelchair Jake was like a kid...pushing Nico in figure eights around the living room and kitchen...then in and out of rooms showing him inside and an almost running pace was funny! Well here are some pictures of Nico...I'll post some new home pictures soon...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, September 20, 2010

September Weather...

Thank goodness for cooler temperatures! Nicolas and I have been able to get outside and enjoy walks together and other fun activities...A couple weeks ago we (Jake and Garrett too) went to the Grabill Fair....That morning I found out I had put on 8 lbs. last month so I wanted to kick off the new month in style with some country fair junk food! HA! Nico has a new love for swings...the motion is really relaxing to him...I think he loves the breeze in his hair...Check out the video below! Mostly we love hanging out on Mema and Papa's porch...It really makes us look forward to enjoying our's soon! The house should be done in about 8 weeks! Today when I was there, they were trimming the house....doors were up to...I look forward to this home so much and what it means to our family...I am so thankful...and with every little thing that is done to make it more a home... just leaves me speechless! I'm giddy with excitement! Nico update...he did lose another tooth last week...pretty uneventful (no blood or pain this time) fact we can't find the tooth and I have searched his pooh for a week now! Tomorrow the doctor is having us do a chest x-ray just to make sure he didn't aspirate a tooth. I'll let you what we find out! He has a Riley trip coming up October 4th to see Dr. Hainline (genetic metabolism)...

I am 26 weeks pregnant today and doing great...The baby looks really good too...and likes to ham-it-up for the camera...very photogenic! At my next appointment I will be 28 wks pregnant and will have some labs done to check for gestational diabetes...just a standard worries...No concrete names yet for little kidney bean but there is still time...and maybe we need to meet this little one first...I'm sure when the time is here it will be something other than Kidney bean :)

Garrett is doing great in Middle School! All A's and B's thus far! We are really proud of him! Garrett's football games have been fun and exciting...He has had some great tackles...even sacked the quarterback for a 5 yard lose! He has had grandparents attend his 1st few games and loves the fan support...This weekend Jack, Will, Grace, Shannon and Camden are going to cheer him on! Should be fun...and afterwards we plan on apple picking and playing at the park!

Last night Jake, Garrett, Papa Gary and I went to watch the Colts play! It was a late game but very exciting! I'm it looks like an early night for me!
You can see his eyes peeking a little! :)
Much love,

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thought you might want to see a 20 weeks Picture!

August News...

Everything is going great...I'm sitting here typing with
one hand while the other is holding nico...he is in
good health besides a little eye infection....he has
been awake alot lately so we have really been
enjoying the eye contact and interaction...the "bun"
...or as we call it, kidney bean, is also in good health
...we are not going to find out the sex this time :) ...
this typically drives everyone crazy but we thought it
would be fun...we had our 20 wk ultrasound on
Friday and the baby moved its tiny little fingers and also opened its eyes and looked at us...
well, in the direction of the camera!!!! So cool! Garrett
started middle school last doesn't seem
possible...We went school shopping and he picked
out some really grown up styles along with cologne
...He is so cute! ("Lord hear our prayers")...anyways,
he is loving middle school so far... Jake and I have
been running around like crazy trying to pick out
things for the house and we're also out checking
the lot frequently...I'm back to school now
we both have to work and finding spare time for
family and the house can be top it off
Garrett just started football...2 hour practices 3
nights a week...

Yes, life is busy...but fun! Thanks for all the
birthday wishes...I had a wonderful day with my
Enjoy the photos!
Miss you and much love to all...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Silver Beach, Lake Michigan

Road Trip! Mema, Kimra, and I took a day trip with the kids to Silver Beach in Michigan! We had a great time there...the weather was wonderful and the kids had fun playing in the dunes, water and at the sprinkler park! Summer vacation is quickly coming to an end for us so we are trying to do so last minute fun stuff...Garrett goes back to school August 12th and I have professional development meetings with my staff beginning the first week of August! Again, Nicolas stayed and comfortable...with Nurse Stephanie....On Tuesday Nicolas will get to go on his Road Trip to Riley!

Cedar Point!

We went to Cedar Point on Monday and had a great
time opening and closing the park down...we
didn't get home 'til a little after 2a.m.! We were
exhausted but it was so much fun! I couldn't ride
much but that's OK...I really enjoyed being there
with them and hearing how excited they were!
Nico stayed home with Mema and Grace...Nurse
Stephanie helped out during the day!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Surprise! Surprise!

Nico and Garrett are going to be BIG BROTHERS!
I'm 13 weeks pregnant!

Baby Stein due December 27th!
I had another check-up today! We are seeing a high-risk doctor per Riley's we get an ultrasound every visit and everything looks good with the baby! I have put on 3.8 lbs this trimester and have felt wonderful! Thank God for my answered prayers...I had absolutely no morning sickness (other than being tired) and was able and interested in mostly fruits and veggies! So far so good... We are excited about the possibilities this brings... We say our prayers every night for a healthy baby but we also pray for God's will....and we are prepared for whatever comes our way...we know God is with us and His blessings have been and will always amaze us!

Nicolas is doing great and only needs oxygen at night. He recently was on an antibiotic but sounds great, looks great and has been really comfortable! We have seen many smiles the past couple days and yesterday he was wide awake from 3 pm to 8 pm! He also has been enjoying physical therapy in the pool! He has a Riley Visit next month and I have another doctor's appointment next month so I'll have more to share soon!
Much Love,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well...Friday before Memorial Day weekend we officially sold our home and moved in with my mother! Now we will start building a home for Nico! The house will be handicap accessible and pretty open! We tried to do a ranch but with the layout of our lot we ended up with two bedrooms and a future (initially unfinished) bonus room upstairs...everything else will be on the main floor! This last month has been crazy with packing and I don't care to see another box for a long long time...Jake and I both agreed that this next house is it...packing and moving is a nightmare and we don't want to do it again! But in the end the reward will be great...Nicolas will be comfortable and able to go anywhere we are in the home! We don't get to make many purchases (gift wise) for Nicolas so this home leaves a warm fuzzy feeling for all of us!

We are enjoying our stay with our new roomies and are so thankful for the opportunity to live in their home while ours builds...We will be here for the next 4-5 months! Thanks Mom, Randy and Missy (they're dog who is more like their child) too!

Our new address is:
12219 Chesterbrook Ct.
Call our cell phones if you need or want to talk!
Love to all!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Priceless Artwork!

Created by my talented Aunt Leila who has only met him once! Thank you for capturing the sweetness of his smile and the innocence of his eyes....We love it...It's absolutely breathtaking! We will cherish it forever!
Love Always,

Riley Visit...

(Snuggling at home)

In April we went to Riley for a couple different visits and all went well...Nicolas got his teeth cleaned for the first time and he really wasn't a fan of it! Poor thing... But other than that Dr.s were saying he looked good. There is possibly a new genetic test that will be available for Nicolas to take in a few we will wait for that...but no other tests are out there now that include his symptoms. Our pulmonologist scheduled another sleep study to see how well he is breathing since his pneumonia in February. That will take place this Tuesday. I'll let you know about the results soon!

Thanks for being patient with my blog! I'm sorry it has been two months! Crazy! We're doing good and still need your prayers!
Much Love,


I have been making cakes lately so I thought I'd share them with you!
There are a few birthday basketball theme cakes that I forgot to take pictures of nephews loved them! I'm also missing a baby shower cake too...and it was cute! O well... Cakes have certainly kept me busy!

(For my friend Terry's wedding)

(For Nicolas, Emili and Tommy's family birthday party)

The last are my favorites! Garrett had an art fair at his school where all the proceeds went to Riley Children's Hospital. They had a bake sale and asked for donations and this was our contribution. Garrett donated an art project in honor of Nicolas to be purchased also. My mom and I took Garrett that night and we all had a great time!
It was a mummy...and Garrett was very proud of it!
Mema and I liked it so much we got into a bidding war over Garrett's art piece!
There were 4 cakes in all...the theme was Around the World so I made Mexican Chocolate cake Riley Wagons...completely edible.
Garrett decorated this cookie at the festival! Pretty talented if you ask me!
Blogging this makes me hungry for cake! :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home...again!

Sorry I haven't updated anyone lately...we are home...we came home Friday...and we are adjusting to the new equipment and care...The weekend went well...The doctor wants him on the bi pap all day for a week and only at night (and as needed) for the 2nd week...then we evaluate how he is doing after that...we have already spent 2-4 hrs off the bi pap daily because of a sore on his nose...the pressure the mask is putting on his face has caused it...He doesn't like it when you touch his nose...poor guy...we are working on clearing that up. He is on 2 L of oxygen...He seems to be doing pretty good on that but there are occasional drops in his oxygen he still needs to get stronger!

It is good to be home...I love my men...G spent some good time with Papa, Lane and Ava this weekend...that helped us and adjusting...Garrett scored 2 points at his basketball game on Saturday...He was fouled shooting and made BOTH free throws...He was so excited! His tournament is this weekend...

I took today off and I think I'll go back tomorrow. We have nursing care every day so I feel comfortable leaving. Jake leaves today for N. Carolina and doesn't get back until Thursday. We're going to miss him!

Much love,


Monday, February 22, 2010

Nicolas with his bi-pap...

...Jake says he looks like a fighter pilot!


He looks good today...Is much more comfortable....They have the bi-pap set at 50%...Which means he is needing less assistance than the night before. He is getting great care and some much needed rest. It sounds like they are already trying to arrange for us to go home...however it is going to take a couple days because they want us to go home with the bi-pap...It will take some time to get insurance approval. They did another x-ray and blood test EARLY this morning...His lungs look better already...The doctor said because the machine is assisting with deeper breaths it is helping to clear the junk out. His white blood cell count is lower than the day his body is trying to fight off infection....he is getting better!

We hope and pray for a speedy recovery!
Much love!
Jake and Felisa

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Over the weekend Nicolas tried his best to recover but last night we had to turn his oxygen up to 2 1/2 liters and earlier today he had a we called his doctor and asked him to run some tests to determine if he was the same as when we left Lutheran Hospital or worse...We went to Parkview North and they did an x-ray and blood work....We found out pretty quickly that he has a new infection in his lungs and his white blood cell count is really high....After hearing this we went home and grabbed our bags and headed for Parkview Main hospital. We were admitted to the Ped's Intensive Care Unit...when we arrived they had to raise his oxygen to 4 liters...Now they have put him on bi-pap at 80%...It helps force the oxygen in there a little better...they are currently trying to do his IV...which is always fun...

This is all I know at this point. There are no phones in the PICU so I will try to update the blog as often as possible. Please prayer for our little guy!
Thank you!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy and Home!

Well...Nicolas ended up with a little pneumonia...but once again
our tough guy has fought through...As of Friday he still has some
fluid in his lungs but no sign of they said if we felt
comfortable caring for Nico we could go home...We made it
home just in time to celebrate his 2nd birthday! Garrett and I
rushed out and picked up a cake some ice cream and Garrett
personalized a balloon for him...It was small but special and
a celebration to say the least! Every moment spent with that
boy is an absolute blessing...words cannot express how amazing
he is!

Please continue to pray for us and for our little guy...He was
put on oxygen again and more than he has been on before...he
is still in a fragile I will not be returning to work just
yet...we have to be extra careful in our efforts to prevent any
further illness! Faith and prayer can move mountains and we
believe in the strength of God's healing hands!

Here are some pictures from his birthday! Enjoy...we did!
Love Always,
Jake, Felisa, Garrett and Nicolas

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Completing The Tour of Fort Wayne Hospitals! was a good run...but we had to take Nico to the hospital yesterday. Valentine's night Nico seemed to have some trouble breathing, was very congested and had a fever of 101.8. Motrin brought it down pretty quickly and a few breathing treatments seemed to help some but we had to put him on oxygen overnight. With that being said, I thought he should be seen by his pediatrician. So yesterday afternoon we went to see Dr. O'Brien...he tried a breathing treatment but ended up sending us to Lutheran Main (South)...he wanted us to go to a hospital that has a PICU...just in case....but right now we are in Peds room 329. He has an IV pushing extra fluids, antibiotics, and a steroid...they have taken blood samples to check for dehydration...and a chest x-ray...So far the chest x-ray shows that he has Bronchiolitis...this is an inflammation of the bronchioles which is typically virus related.
He looks pretty good... We are hoping to be home prior to Nicolas' 2nd birthday on Friday...but time will tell!
Pray for a speedy recovery and no additional infections!
Much Love,

Sunday, February 7, 2010


We will head over to Papa's later on today to cheer on our Colt's!
We're all having a fun weekend and doing good!

Have fun and be safe...whatever you do!
Much love,
The Stein Family

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well a lot has happened...

Nicolas successfully fought off pneumonia without being hospitalized! He has had a couple colds and gotten through those just fine as well. AND....Last night he had a sleep study at Riley...I was pretty excited on my way home because overnight they never had to put him on oxygen! We got home around 9am and by 12 the doctor was calling! She said she was so pleased and thrilled with the results that she had to call....NICOLAS DOES NOT NEED TO BE ON OXYGEN!!!! She wants us to hold onto though...because when he gets a cold or congested sometimes he needs the assistance! Nicolas also is receiving Respite Care...A nurse comes to our home and watches Nicolas 3 times a week while I work, play Nicolas' secretary, and play with cousin Megan Leichty is one of his nurses and Stephanie is the other...We are thankful to have them...Mom and Peggy now are scheduled to watch him 1 day a week...AND they help us at other times too! We are so blessed to have such wonderful care for Nicolas!

Garrett started basketball and scored the first two points of the season! 12 ft. jumper! Pretty exciting! He has practices on Fridays and games on Saturdays. We also found out he is going to need braces....but before he gets those he has to wear headgear (at night only) and a splint (all day) for 6 months...these are meant to push four molars back into the jawline...they came out too far...He also has what is called tongue we are working on him to keep that long tongue of his on the roof of his mouth and not pushing on his front teeth... If he doesn't learn to keep his tongue back then they'll put little spikes on the backside of his teeth to gently (HA) remind him to keep it back....I think we all agree...Nobody wants that!

Jake has been doing a little traveling with work...but he is doing a great job balancing home and work! Not gonna's a lot more fun having him home! He is very entertaining! On December 17th Jake and I celebrated 4 years of marriage...We celebrated at home with Garrett and Nicolas...We ate sushi and watched the Colts win on Jake's new flat screen plasma tv...It was a wonderful evening!

As for me...what can I say...
1. On December 29th I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled...and yes, I did get dry sockets! In fact I got them so bad I'm still dealing with them. My head hurts and my teeth ache on a daily basis and every week I go get them repacked.

2. If you read the papers/watch the'll hear information about Ft. Wayne Community Schools and the closing/reopening of 11 different schools...Well, I work at one of those. We don't know much...they don't have many answers for us right now...but I do know I will have to reapply/interview for my job...along with anyone else who wants it....and only 50% of the staff will be rehired. I work hard, enjoy my job (even on the hard days), I've passed national standards (NAEYC) and had my classroom approved by Early Childhood Alliance: Paths to Quality, I've presented at local, State, and National Conferences, I have worked on the Committee and designed a Summer Calendar for ALL incoming FWCS Kindergartners for 5 years now (working on 6 right now) and every year my children show growth...So I'm saddened by the fact that I have to tell them/convince them that I should be valued as a FWCS employee, considered for the Pre-K position and desired to teach in room 155...the same room I've been in for 9 years! When many MANY left years ago...
Anyways...I know I'm not the only teacher who feels this way... BUT I will say, as uncertain as the future is, I will continue to teach to the best of my ability...the rest is in God's hands and what is meant to be will be...I'm not going to worry about what I can't control.

3. I have also had some stomach I went to see the doctor yesterday and she asked how much stress do I have in my life...I just laughed... Well, it's nothing a little Zantac or Tums won't cure...Sorry Nicolas but you probably get the reflux from your mother!

4. House plans are coming along and Showings on our current home are picking up...but no buyers yet.

Well...between the job and my teeth...and other added really doesn't mean much considering I have a Healthy baby boy off oxygen, a thriving young man that is very caring, and an entertaining husband! Life is never dull...and I'm thankful for that!

We go to Riley February 1st! I'll write more then!
Much Love,