Thursday, July 24, 2008

Riley Updates from Emily Vlk

Thursday Night...

These are from my friend Emily who lives in Indy...she sent them out this week...Thanks Emily! I'll update you when possible...we should be coming home soon...maybe tomorrow...some corrections (which were my fault)...spinal tap and blood test results will be back in 3-4 weeks....10 -14 days refers to how soon we'll know if some of the medications work or bad. Sleep study went great with good results...he just had an echo cardiogram...not sure about that yet. We have an appointment in August scheduled with Neurology and Dr. Hainline to discuss results and treatment plan. We currently are trying some medications that are to treat his symptoms...not diagnosed yet.
Love to all!

Thursday Night...


Nicolas had a big day yesterday. He had some blood work done as well as a spinal tap. The results can take up to 10 - 14 days to come back to the hospital. I need a little more clarification and I will get it soon but they think Nicolas's brain has lots of information to tell his muscles and organs but that information is not getting there as well as we would like via his nerves. Another busy day at Camp Riley. Nicolas is glad that his daddy comes home today from his business trip. He was glad Grandma Stein came and visited yesterday. Susie is visiting tomorrow.

I found this link on the Riley website if anyone was interested.

Love you!

Wednesday Night...

Good Morning -

I haven't spoken with Lis this morning yet, but they had a good day yesterday. They were moved to a different room with private bath. Now Nicolas won't have a stinky mommy. He also saw an eye doctor and....good vision issues to report!!! Another point on the chalkboard!! I will keep you posted on updates.

Love, Em

Tuesday Night...

Baby Nicolas has made lots of new doctor friends. He had an EEG this morning. He has met with a hearing specialist and.....good news!! His ears are in perfect working order. He mustn't not want to hear what we have to say. :-) He will be doing a sleep study later this week. Some dental doctor is giving him some medicine that is supposed to help with his spit issue. Her sorority sisters are bringing her lunch and dinner. I guess that means I am cleaning tonight. I will keep you posted!

love you!
Emily M. Vlk

Monday Night...

Last night Joe and I took Felisa dinner at Riley. They are currently in a single, but may have to move to a double if a super sick infant comes in that needs it. They are hoping to be moved to one of the long term rooms that has a private bath. Eventually, Lis will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House if this is a long long term stay. When they first arrived, they were in a double room with some rude/unkind roommates, so the upgrade was nice and appreciated.

They met with the Developmental Team and they started the discussions on what testing they wanted to do and what each doctor was looking for. They are going to be meeting an eye doctor and hearing specialist to make sure Nicolas does both. Other testing is required but I don't remember it all. I should know more today.

Lis seems to like her nurses and is as happy as I can be to be at Riley. She believes this could be a long stint but we will see. There are laundry facilities on her floor so I am going to pickup a small bottle of detergent for her. She is packed well. A week's worth of clothes in the room, another week in the car trunk and a third week at home already to go. I am creating a downtown guide for her with restaurant/shopping/entertainment options for her. Garrett will come down maybe Monday. His school starts like August 12th so early. I am picking up my apartment tomorrow in case of visitors.

I am going there tonight too, unless some of her sorority sisters are there. I will keep you posted. Anything you want me to ask?

Love - Em
Emily M. Vlk

Friday, July 18, 2008

We had another appointment at Riley this past Wednesday, this time to meet with both the pediatric gastroenterologist and a developmentalist. The GI said Nico's esophagus and stomach look good. The nisson looks good and doesn't appear to be letting stomach contents back up into the esophagus. There are no signs of inflammation and food appears to be moving normally through the digestive tract. Though it is not likely, it is possible Nicolas is having allergic reactions to the food though there is no evidence to suggest that at this time. Nico's retching, which has become more frequent and much more uncomfortable for him over the last few weeks, might be caused by intermittent problems with his stomach emptying into the intestines. Again, there is no evidence of this except the retching.

Now onto the heavier stuff. The developmentalist spent a couple of hours with us reviewing Nico's history and observing him. She was able to see him retch and see his spasms, both video and live. She also spoke with the metabolic geneticist who had seen Nico last month. Because her goal is to help Nico feel better and to determine what is causing his symptoms, she feels he needs a neurological follow up as well as to try different treatments e.g. feeding changes and prescription changes. She also thinks that experts in infant development, pediatric neurology and metabolic neurology should observe Nicolas on a regular basis and be able to observe him as a team. Therefore, she recommended we admit Nicolas as an inpatient at Riley. So, back to the hospital we go. We are taking the family truckster to Indy on Monday and will be there until they can help our little angel feel better. As difficult as it is to go back to a hospital, this time 150 miles from home, we know that our prayers lately have been to provide him with comfort and to help us understand what is happening to him. Hopefully, this is the beginning of an answer to our prayers. Thanks to everyone for your continued thoughts, prayers and support. Though we don't have the opportunity to tell you thank you every day, please know that we think of you all daily and our hearts are full of gratitude that you are part of our lives. Until the next update....Jake and Felisa

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

This past weekend we had a wonderful time with our family and extended family up at Papa's lake house to celebrate the 4Th of July.

Here are our photos...

Dad dancing with me at the lake...

Our sweet little Nicolas is growing bigger and bigger every day...12 1/2 pounds!
We will be starting therapy with First Steps this coming week. There will be three different types of therapist working with him a total of three hours each week. Then later this month we will be meeting with a new team of doctors - Behavioral Development Doctors at Riley.
The Doctors are still stumped with Nicolas case and all past and recent tests all have come back negative. We are all looking forward to the day we get some answers for Nicolas.
Thanks for all your prayers and please continue to pray for us. We are in Gods hands and we are waiting on His timing - easier said then done some days.
Much LOVE...
The Stein Family