Friday, June 20, 2008

Back from Indy

Nicolas was able to leave the hospital on Thursday, because he recovered quickly. The procedure shows he is not reflexing and all medications for that has been stopped. They are making some feeding changes - over all that is doing really good. His is now a little over 11 pounds!

In 4 weeks they will be making their next trip down to Indy. Next week he will be meeting with his local Fort Wayne doctors.

Thanks for all the prayer and please continue to pray for them. I'm the Aunt and I get frustrated with not getting the answers they need for Nicolas spasms. I can't fully imagine what Jake and Felisa are feeling as the parents. They are trusting in God, but it does get hard waiting on His timing to answer prayers.

Much love and appreciation for the example Jake and Felisa are showing us.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pray for us...

Tonight Felisa, Jake and Nicolas are on their way to Indianapolis for the next two nights. Both parents are anxious for Nicolas and the procedure scheduled for tomorrow. The doctors will be putting him under to slide a camera down his throat to view the area from his first surgery, the stomach and parts for the large intestine. The doctors will be looking to see if he is still reflexing, which they think he is.

Nicolas is still having spasms, so the results of this will tell of the doctors what the next steps are for Nicolas. If he is not reflexing anymore they will have to look into other answers.

We will wait, pray for Gods guidance with the doctors and peace for the parents.