Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well a lot has happened...

Nicolas successfully fought off pneumonia without being hospitalized! He has had a couple colds and gotten through those just fine as well. AND....Last night he had a sleep study at Riley...I was pretty excited on my way home because overnight they never had to put him on oxygen! We got home around 9am and by 12 the doctor was calling! She said she was so pleased and thrilled with the results that she had to call....NICOLAS DOES NOT NEED TO BE ON OXYGEN!!!! She wants us to hold onto though...because when he gets a cold or congested sometimes he needs the assistance! Nicolas also is receiving Respite Care...A nurse comes to our home and watches Nicolas 3 times a week while I work, play Nicolas' secretary, and play with cousin Megan Leichty is one of his nurses and Stephanie is the other...We are thankful to have them...Mom and Peggy now are scheduled to watch him 1 day a week...AND they help us at other times too! We are so blessed to have such wonderful care for Nicolas!

Garrett started basketball and scored the first two points of the season! 12 ft. jumper! Pretty exciting! He has practices on Fridays and games on Saturdays. We also found out he is going to need braces....but before he gets those he has to wear headgear (at night only) and a splint (all day) for 6 months...these are meant to push four molars back into the jawline...they came out too far...He also has what is called tongue we are working on him to keep that long tongue of his on the roof of his mouth and not pushing on his front teeth... If he doesn't learn to keep his tongue back then they'll put little spikes on the backside of his teeth to gently (HA) remind him to keep it back....I think we all agree...Nobody wants that!

Jake has been doing a little traveling with work...but he is doing a great job balancing home and work! Not gonna's a lot more fun having him home! He is very entertaining! On December 17th Jake and I celebrated 4 years of marriage...We celebrated at home with Garrett and Nicolas...We ate sushi and watched the Colts win on Jake's new flat screen plasma tv...It was a wonderful evening!

As for me...what can I say...
1. On December 29th I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled...and yes, I did get dry sockets! In fact I got them so bad I'm still dealing with them. My head hurts and my teeth ache on a daily basis and every week I go get them repacked.

2. If you read the papers/watch the'll hear information about Ft. Wayne Community Schools and the closing/reopening of 11 different schools...Well, I work at one of those. We don't know much...they don't have many answers for us right now...but I do know I will have to reapply/interview for my job...along with anyone else who wants it....and only 50% of the staff will be rehired. I work hard, enjoy my job (even on the hard days), I've passed national standards (NAEYC) and had my classroom approved by Early Childhood Alliance: Paths to Quality, I've presented at local, State, and National Conferences, I have worked on the Committee and designed a Summer Calendar for ALL incoming FWCS Kindergartners for 5 years now (working on 6 right now) and every year my children show growth...So I'm saddened by the fact that I have to tell them/convince them that I should be valued as a FWCS employee, considered for the Pre-K position and desired to teach in room 155...the same room I've been in for 9 years! When many MANY left years ago...
Anyways...I know I'm not the only teacher who feels this way... BUT I will say, as uncertain as the future is, I will continue to teach to the best of my ability...the rest is in God's hands and what is meant to be will be...I'm not going to worry about what I can't control.

3. I have also had some stomach I went to see the doctor yesterday and she asked how much stress do I have in my life...I just laughed... Well, it's nothing a little Zantac or Tums won't cure...Sorry Nicolas but you probably get the reflux from your mother!

4. House plans are coming along and Showings on our current home are picking up...but no buyers yet.

Well...between the job and my teeth...and other added really doesn't mean much considering I have a Healthy baby boy off oxygen, a thriving young man that is very caring, and an entertaining husband! Life is never dull...and I'm thankful for that!

We go to Riley February 1st! I'll write more then!
Much Love,