Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garrett's 1st Triathlon

Garrett participated in Northwest Allen County Schools Triathlon today!  He had to swim 4 lengths of the pool, bike 3 miles and run 3/4 of a mile!  It was cold, windy and rainy!  Perfect weather for any triathlon!  It didn't seem to bother Garrett any...he truly enjoyed it!

We are so proud of you Garrett!  Great job!
We love you!
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Friday, May 8, 2009

The best THINGS that ever happened to me!

This mother's day I want to take the time to tell you about the best THINGS that ever happened to me.  The men in my life never cease to amaze me and this weekend I want to tell you about them.  

Garrett being the first to bless my life taught me how wonderful life can be by putting someone else's needs above my amazing it is to give so freely without a second thought...that blessings come in many shapes and sizes when you least expect it!  Garrett's easy way about him, his ability to be flexible, the way he can make any situation entertaining, his gentle yet protective nature, how sensitive and caring he can be, and how important honesty is to him...inspires me to be a better person and Mom.  

Jake.  The love of my life...who loves ALL of me (faults and all)...taught me how love should feel when given and received...that no matter what love is there and will always be...It is a constant unbreakable bond that is untouchable...but yet tender and fragile.  What I feel for you exceeds anything imaginable!  Through many fruitless searches, I am complete! ...(I borrowed that)...  Your relationship with Garrett is beautiful...Garrett used to introduce you as his friend Jake...and that is still true have always been so patient and kind to is easy to see why he loves and respects you...Thank you for loving him.  You have been true to God's plan since the day you met Nicolas...never once have you said "why me, why us"...You just charged forward facing fatherhood head on...loving him...protecting him.  Your positive outlook and faith in me...fuels me with the strength and courage to face each day.  Jake you have brought joy and LAUGHTER and lightened my life in ways I can't even express...I couldn't imagine life without you.  I will continue to enjoy every step of the way with you by my side!

And then there is Nicolas.  Just when you think your heart is find out FAST how to make room...My love for him is overwhelming!  He has made it clear that the mother in me will do anything and everything for her children.  Nicolas has taught me how precious life is...and to slow down...enjoy each life day to day!  Nicolas has taught me that within me lies a strength that I never knew I had...He has reaffirmed my faith in God and in His well as my faith in Garrett and Jake.  Without Nicolas I would have never learned the depth of their strength, tenderness, and love.   

God.  Thank you sending your son...whom you did not want to suffer...but died so that we may live!  Thank you...for rescuing me, taking me in, loving me, providing THIS life for me, and believing in me.  Your plan is perfect and complex...and I will live it each and everyday because you are there with me.  You have brought Garrett, Jake and Nicolas into my life and though I may not know the entire plan, You have shown me how perfectly we fit together.  I only hope to make you proud!

So...Here's to my men...who have taught me so much and made me who I am!  I love you.  Thank you for making me a mother and allowing me to experience a life so precious to call my own! 

Happy Mother's day!  
Love Always,

P.S. Thanks Mommy for giving me life...I love're my best friend...and you will always be the Queen of this Princess's heart!