Monday, March 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home...again!

Sorry I haven't updated anyone lately...we are home...we came home Friday...and we are adjusting to the new equipment and care...The weekend went well...The doctor wants him on the bi pap all day for a week and only at night (and as needed) for the 2nd week...then we evaluate how he is doing after that...we have already spent 2-4 hrs off the bi pap daily because of a sore on his nose...the pressure the mask is putting on his face has caused it...He doesn't like it when you touch his nose...poor guy...we are working on clearing that up. He is on 2 L of oxygen...He seems to be doing pretty good on that but there are occasional drops in his oxygen he still needs to get stronger!

It is good to be home...I love my men...G spent some good time with Papa, Lane and Ava this weekend...that helped us and adjusting...Garrett scored 2 points at his basketball game on Saturday...He was fouled shooting and made BOTH free throws...He was so excited! His tournament is this weekend...

I took today off and I think I'll go back tomorrow. We have nursing care every day so I feel comfortable leaving. Jake leaves today for N. Carolina and doesn't get back until Thursday. We're going to miss him!

Much love,