Monday, September 20, 2010

September Weather...

Thank goodness for cooler temperatures! Nicolas and I have been able to get outside and enjoy walks together and other fun activities...A couple weeks ago we (Jake and Garrett too) went to the Grabill Fair....That morning I found out I had put on 8 lbs. last month so I wanted to kick off the new month in style with some country fair junk food! HA! Nico has a new love for swings...the motion is really relaxing to him...I think he loves the breeze in his hair...Check out the video below! Mostly we love hanging out on Mema and Papa's porch...It really makes us look forward to enjoying our's soon! The house should be done in about 8 weeks! Today when I was there, they were trimming the house....doors were up to...I look forward to this home so much and what it means to our family...I am so thankful...and with every little thing that is done to make it more a home... just leaves me speechless! I'm giddy with excitement! Nico update...he did lose another tooth last week...pretty uneventful (no blood or pain this time) fact we can't find the tooth and I have searched his pooh for a week now! Tomorrow the doctor is having us do a chest x-ray just to make sure he didn't aspirate a tooth. I'll let you what we find out! He has a Riley trip coming up October 4th to see Dr. Hainline (genetic metabolism)...

I am 26 weeks pregnant today and doing great...The baby looks really good too...and likes to ham-it-up for the camera...very photogenic! At my next appointment I will be 28 wks pregnant and will have some labs done to check for gestational diabetes...just a standard worries...No concrete names yet for little kidney bean but there is still time...and maybe we need to meet this little one first...I'm sure when the time is here it will be something other than Kidney bean :)

Garrett is doing great in Middle School! All A's and B's thus far! We are really proud of him! Garrett's football games have been fun and exciting...He has had some great tackles...even sacked the quarterback for a 5 yard lose! He has had grandparents attend his 1st few games and loves the fan support...This weekend Jack, Will, Grace, Shannon and Camden are going to cheer him on! Should be fun...and afterwards we plan on apple picking and playing at the park!

Last night Jake, Garrett, Papa Gary and I went to watch the Colts play! It was a late game but very exciting! I'm it looks like an early night for me!
You can see his eyes peeking a little! :)
Much love,