Monday, February 22, 2010

Nicolas with his bi-pap...

...Jake says he looks like a fighter pilot!


He looks good today...Is much more comfortable....They have the bi-pap set at 50%...Which means he is needing less assistance than the night before. He is getting great care and some much needed rest. It sounds like they are already trying to arrange for us to go home...however it is going to take a couple days because they want us to go home with the bi-pap...It will take some time to get insurance approval. They did another x-ray and blood test EARLY this morning...His lungs look better already...The doctor said because the machine is assisting with deeper breaths it is helping to clear the junk out. His white blood cell count is lower than the day his body is trying to fight off infection....he is getting better!

We hope and pray for a speedy recovery!
Much love!
Jake and Felisa

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Over the weekend Nicolas tried his best to recover but last night we had to turn his oxygen up to 2 1/2 liters and earlier today he had a we called his doctor and asked him to run some tests to determine if he was the same as when we left Lutheran Hospital or worse...We went to Parkview North and they did an x-ray and blood work....We found out pretty quickly that he has a new infection in his lungs and his white blood cell count is really high....After hearing this we went home and grabbed our bags and headed for Parkview Main hospital. We were admitted to the Ped's Intensive Care Unit...when we arrived they had to raise his oxygen to 4 liters...Now they have put him on bi-pap at 80%...It helps force the oxygen in there a little better...they are currently trying to do his IV...which is always fun...

This is all I know at this point. There are no phones in the PICU so I will try to update the blog as often as possible. Please prayer for our little guy!
Thank you!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy and Home!

Well...Nicolas ended up with a little pneumonia...but once again
our tough guy has fought through...As of Friday he still has some
fluid in his lungs but no sign of they said if we felt
comfortable caring for Nico we could go home...We made it
home just in time to celebrate his 2nd birthday! Garrett and I
rushed out and picked up a cake some ice cream and Garrett
personalized a balloon for him...It was small but special and
a celebration to say the least! Every moment spent with that
boy is an absolute blessing...words cannot express how amazing
he is!

Please continue to pray for us and for our little guy...He was
put on oxygen again and more than he has been on before...he
is still in a fragile I will not be returning to work just
yet...we have to be extra careful in our efforts to prevent any
further illness! Faith and prayer can move mountains and we
believe in the strength of God's healing hands!

Here are some pictures from his birthday! Enjoy...we did!
Love Always,
Jake, Felisa, Garrett and Nicolas

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Completing The Tour of Fort Wayne Hospitals! was a good run...but we had to take Nico to the hospital yesterday. Valentine's night Nico seemed to have some trouble breathing, was very congested and had a fever of 101.8. Motrin brought it down pretty quickly and a few breathing treatments seemed to help some but we had to put him on oxygen overnight. With that being said, I thought he should be seen by his pediatrician. So yesterday afternoon we went to see Dr. O'Brien...he tried a breathing treatment but ended up sending us to Lutheran Main (South)...he wanted us to go to a hospital that has a PICU...just in case....but right now we are in Peds room 329. He has an IV pushing extra fluids, antibiotics, and a steroid...they have taken blood samples to check for dehydration...and a chest x-ray...So far the chest x-ray shows that he has Bronchiolitis...this is an inflammation of the bronchioles which is typically virus related.
He looks pretty good... We are hoping to be home prior to Nicolas' 2nd birthday on Friday...but time will tell!
Pray for a speedy recovery and no additional infections!
Much Love,

Sunday, February 7, 2010


We will head over to Papa's later on today to cheer on our Colt's!
We're all having a fun weekend and doing good!

Have fun and be safe...whatever you do!
Much love,
The Stein Family