Sunday, October 11, 2009

During the past month....

Well...what can I say, being back to work has made life a little busier!
Sorry for not blogging in a while but I try to get you up to speed without
taking up to much time in your day!

First off...I'm enjoying work. It does make my days seem very busy but
they go by fast. I'm still trying to get my routine down...and some days
are better than others...My school kids are very good-hearted and
very active...I picked the theme "Wild about Pre-K" and found it was
very fitting for the group...On picture day I wore a tan shirt dress that
I love but after further evaluation it looked more like a zoo keeper
uniform...again very fitting for the group! It is going to be a challenging
yet highly rewarding year...I look forward to it!

As for Garrett...He started his 1st year in full tackle football. His season
is almost over and it has been a little rough this year. His team is newer
to the division so they are still learning the basics...and the other
teams are well on their way...They haven't won a game yet...but it's now
tournament time...So let's root for the underdogs! Papa took us all to a
Colt's game recently and G really enjoyed that! Gone are the days where
we have to entertain him and make many trips around the
stadium! He watched the whole game! And loved every minute!
You can see he is really into football! As for school...he is doing
well. Parent/teacher conferences are coming up and they are student
led. I look forward to hearing how well he feels he is doing!
His school pictures took place the Monday after Labor
Day weekend...We didn't have time to get him to the you'll see below a picture of the 1st time
I gave him a haircut!!! In the end...two hours looked
pretty good... But should you try this at home... never say
things like....
"I have absolutely no business cutting your hair"
"oh, no!"
"Crap! Hold still!"
It just makes them nervous!

Jake is business as usual. He has been traveling a bit more recently but
that comes and goes. Garrett, Nicolas, Ella, Miles and I have used them
as an opportunity to have a sleepover at Mema's! This weekend Jake
and I had a nice time together. Friday shopping...Saturday was dinner
and a Movie...Sunday was clean house day! One of the things I
appreciate most about our relationship is, it doesn't matter what we
do...we always have a great time! Thanks Grandma Peggy for letting us
get out of the house this weekend! We know Nico loves his time with

And then there is Nico...Sweet little Nico! Please check out the picture
of him smiling below...we see this time to time...but today, while
looking at this picture, tears filled my eyes...It is such a blessing to see
him comfortable...and to affirm it with a smile...He is truly a gift
from God!
As for his health...We are back into the flu we are back on
full alert. He will get a flu shot this year, Synagis shots once a month
and the first series to the H1N1 shot to help us protect him against
illness! Since I've started school, we've had a couple run-ins with a fever
with Nicolas...and Garrett spent 3 days at home last week with a fever
...and I had a sore throat...but Nico's a tough little guys and he made
it through without a trip to the doctor's office! We've had a few trips
to Riley recently...Neurology, Peds Dentist and Pulmonology...they all
went well...Neurology did one more genetic test...but this will be the
last until the muscle biopsy... Now that Nicolas has been feeling so
comfortable and doing so well we won't have to go to Riley every month...
Most are scheduling us anywhere from 3 to 6 months out. If anything
changes we can always call and they will get us in sooner. Next week
we travel down to Riley again to see the Developmental Peds team...
and after that Nico has a Sleep Study mid November to see how he is
doing on oxygen.

In September Jake watched Nicolas while Garrett and I went apple
picking with family. The plan is that next weekend we will go to
South Bend (on Saturday) to visit with family...Lemans, Browers,
Meyers, and Dunbars...while the men watch the USC/Notre Dame
game...the women and children are going to make
applesauce with the apples we picked! yum!

Many of you may not know this but we put our house on the market.
We decided we needed to plan ahead and make a home that is more
"Nicolas friendly." We recently purchased a lot 3 miles away from our
current location. There is no rush to build but these are difficult days
to sell a home and we've had very little traffic. Please pray for the right
family to fall in love with our home as we have. We truly love it and
know we'll miss it...after all Jake did propose to me in the back yard!
Our home is listed on-line, if you know of anyone interested in a villa
...please send them this way!

Well that's all! Have a great week! And I'll try to write again soon!
Much Love,