Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to school for me!

Many of you may not know but I decided to go back to work.  I am a pre-k teacher for Fort Wayne Community Schools...I was on what FWCS calls "Child-Rearing Leave."  I had until February of 2010 to go back or I would loose my position.  I feel that going back in the fall and starting fresh with the children is better then starting half way through the year...Not to mention a job is a pretty valuable thing to have these days!  So...I'm back in the same building and in my classroom.  The only difference...full time is not an option for me.  Meeting Nicolas' many needs is not something I am capable of doing while working full time.  SO thank you to my school corporation who approved a "job share".  There is a wonderful sub taking the afternoon class who will also fill in for me when I need a sub for days when Nicolas is sick or has appointments at Riley.  My incredible assistant is also coming back again this year!  I love her and am thrilled to work with her again!  With all this being said...Anxiety is kicking in with sleepless nights...and I'm trying to establish a routine to so that it's not so stressful for me...but here I am with a glass of wine, Advil and a heat pack for my tight muscles...I'm only 3 days into this and the only thing that brought a smile to my face is Garrett saying..."Mom, maybe you shouldn't go back to work yet"....Oh how I love him...I'm not giving up yet...Although, I feel this important to say,  I do not view the possibility of this not working out due to "giving up." I went into this saying, "I'd rather try, then never know"...And if being home with Nicolas full time is God's Plan...I'm glad to serve!  But for now...My Mom and Jake's Mom will watch Nicolas (with a great many volunteers waiting and wanting to know who you are and we couldn't do it without you...Love you)...I leave for work at 7:30 and am home by 12.  I barely feel like I've left!  So wish me luck, say a prayer, and continue to read our blog...I'm sure I'll have fun things to share.

Much Love to all!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pictures of the First Day of School!

First Day of School!

I can't believe it is that time already!  He is in the 5th grade this 
year...his LAST year in elementary!  He is excited about going
 back!  "Mom, I get to sit in the back of the bus this year!" As the bus 
drove away I watched as he high-fived a friend before sitting down.  
It's going to be a good year...He even got the teacher he wanted (Mrs. DelPriore...they call her Mrs. Del).  Added to his morning 
routine is walking the 
he wakes up at 6 am! While waiting for the bus, Miles tried to 
explain to Ella that you bark at the bus...but she decided that 
it was much to scary and hid in the garage behind the broom!  
Well, the house is always different without him...I've found myself 
wishing he were here!  Every once in awhile I tell Garrett about the
 phrase "Carpe diem"...but I add a little to it..."As God as my guide, I will 
seize the day!"  
So...It won't be long til Garrett gets home...the bus arrives at 2:55!  
I think we'll head to the pool for a little bit!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome to the Family!

Meet our newest addition...

She is a Cockapoo just like Miles, however she will only weigh somewhere between 5-10 pounds.  She is very sweet...follows us everywhere...and loves attention.  Miles is a little unsure of what to do with her...and not quite ready to play with her...but she keeps trying!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Nico's 1st Family Vacation!

These are just a few photos taken from our trip to Michigan.  
We rented a lake home with my sister Kimra and her Husband 
Tim and 3 adorable children (Jack, Will and Grace). I'm sure 
she has posted some pictures too!  We had an incredible time and 
hope to do it all over again next year!
Love to all, 
The Stein Family