Friday, July 23, 2010

Silver Beach, Lake Michigan

Road Trip! Mema, Kimra, and I took a day trip with the kids to Silver Beach in Michigan! We had a great time there...the weather was wonderful and the kids had fun playing in the dunes, water and at the sprinkler park! Summer vacation is quickly coming to an end for us so we are trying to do so last minute fun stuff...Garrett goes back to school August 12th and I have professional development meetings with my staff beginning the first week of August! Again, Nicolas stayed and comfortable...with Nurse Stephanie....On Tuesday Nicolas will get to go on his Road Trip to Riley!

Cedar Point!

We went to Cedar Point on Monday and had a great
time opening and closing the park down...we
didn't get home 'til a little after 2a.m.! We were
exhausted but it was so much fun! I couldn't ride
much but that's OK...I really enjoyed being there
with them and hearing how excited they were!
Nico stayed home with Mema and Grace...Nurse
Stephanie helped out during the day!