Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to you....

...Happy birthday dear Nicolas...
Happy 3rd Birthday to you!

We celebrated with Garrett today after school
...Nico's life is amazing and definitely
celebrated each and every day but certainly
today! No longer our little baby (even though
it doesn't matter how old he is...once my baby,
always my baby)...He is our big boy! He got 5
pirate shirts with matching shorts, a pirate
sweatshirt, a pirate swimsuit, and a pirate
visor, pirate finger puppets, and pirate burp
clothes...He will look so handsome! We look
forward to strolling around outside when the
weather gets nicer!

Thank you God for a healthy year...a good
year...and an amazing little boy! We love him
very much and enjoy each moment spent together!
Jake, Felisa, Garrett, and Sophie

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